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Superfast Air-Conditioned Train [Shatabdi Express]


About Shatabdi ExpressShatabdi Express

Shatabdi Expresses are a series of superfast passenger trains which are being operated by Indian Railways, to serve as connections between Metro towns and important cities and business centers. Shatabdi Expresses are day trains and they return to the station of origin, the same day.

The train was considered a landmark when it was introduced in India in 1988. In fact, it was criticized heavily by a section of society for its luxury in a poor country. However, with the passage of time, the train has fallen far below global standards of luxury and speed.

Shatabdi Expresses offer fast connectivity with very few stops in between. They are fully air-conditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian rail coaches.

The Shatabdi Express is the fastest train of India, and it runs at an average speed of around 110 km/h. The New Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi clocks 130km/h (highest in India) between Delhi to Agra and Return.

So the best and fastest way to get to Agra is by Shatabadi Express, India's "high-speed" train. The trip takes two hours and 10 minutes.

Shatabdi Express Operates between Delhi to Agra [Taj Mahal], Jaipur [Pink City], Amritsar [Golden Temple] & Kalka [Shimla].

Seating arrangementsSuperfast Air-Conditioned Train

There is not much difference between first and coach class. its similar to Europe, where up front, there's a bit more space, a cleaner carriage and better service. The whole train is air-conditioned

Airconditioned chair car
Sitting only with comfortable push-back seats (3 by 2) in each row with passage in between and two western style toilets in each compartment.

Executive class
Sitting only with luxury push back seats (2 by 2) in each row with passage space in between.

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