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Pushkar India Tour

Tired of having same boring elegant tours? Want something colorful and vibrant in your life? Well! A dose of Pushkar tours will certainly fill colors in your same old boring life. Yes, a tour to the majestic city, Pushkar, Rajasthan serves a lot thrill and adventure to the visitors. Once home to the royalty, Rajasthan is basically known for its enchanting monuments, forts, temples, palaces and cuisine but Pushkar as a place is known for its famous annual Pushkar Camel Fair, which takes place near Pushkar Lake. The event is so famous world-wide, that millions of people visit Pushkar, only to enjoy the lively camel fair festival.Tour to pushkar

A tour to Pushkar offers you much more than visiting some exotic locations or having some famous cuisine of the city. The tour will let you familiar with real Rajasthan and also make you closer with the locals of the city. The people of the city are very friendly in nature; they will not let your feel an outsider. In minutes, they will make you comfortable with the environment. Coming back to the Pushkar Camel Fair, the event is a five day camel and livestock fair. It is believed that more than 50,000 camels are bought and sold during this event. Additionally, it is one of the leading and biggest camel fair festival celebrated in the world.

The main attraction of Pushkar camel fair are however, its odd contest, which comprises of moustache and beard shows, bridal shows and most thrilling camel races. During the festival, people buy and sell their animals, which basically embrace camels, cows, sheep and goats. Though, the fair is not only about buying and selling of camels, itís about the deep rooted culture and tradition of Rajasthan, which is immensely loved and appreciated by the people. Further, women of Rajasthan wear colorful attires, with bracelets and other necessary ornaments, while Pushkar fair.

The festival opens with its thrilling Camel race and accompanied by Rajasthani music & songs. Before this event, people wash, clean and decorate their came with various ornaments like silver bells, bangles and other beaded jewelry. Amidst these events, a test of camel is also taken. There is lots of fun and entertainment included in the festival. If you havenít visited the place yet, then you are missing something really great. Itís truly a must-visit place. You should definitely plan your next trip to Pushkar.

Besides Pushkar festival, the place is also known for famed Pushkar Lake, which is immensely worshiped by the people of the city. The reason behind Pushkar becoming a holy place is also its eminent Pushkar Lake. It is believed, that there is an ancient story behind Pushkar becoming a holy place. The lake also plays an important role during Pushkar festival. People on a Pushkar tours certainly visit its lake also. Reading about Pushkar, will not help you in knowing the city better; you have to personally visit the town by getting yourself booked with Pushkar tours. Only one visit to Pushkar is enough to make you fall in love with this enchanting city.

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