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Khajuraho Tour

khajuraho TempleKhajuraho is one of the well famed international tourist destinations which tempt the travelers from distant parts of the world via its intriguing stone temples and sculptures. It is widely recognized as the land of moons as it is said that the place was once ruled by the descendents of moon god - Chandela Rajputs. The legends say that these descendents had given orders to construct such spell bounding temples to show the world their brilliance and Hindu culture.

The place is mainly eminent for its phenomenal group of temples that serves as a living example which showcases ineffable art and sculpture. These exquisite set of temples are bewitchingly adorned with erotic sculptures at the periphery that beautifies the charm of the temple as well as the place. Dating back to 9th century the temples are build in the typical Nagara style of architecture and the exclusiveness of these erotic sculptures let it enlisted under the UNESCO world heritage sites. Besides the fascinating erotic sculptures the place is widely eminent for its Khajuraho dance festival which is conducted annually and every year scores of tourists witness its charismatic elegance. Rane Falls, Panna National Park, Western and Eastern group of temples are some of other significant places which you should not miss while exploring the mesmerizing charisma of the place.

Khajuraho Tour
Khajuraho is the most ancient and religious city located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Also, it is regarded as the most spiritual tourist destination known for housing a huge collection of erotic and beautiful temples. All the temples were constructed in 950 and 1050 A.D. All the temples were further alienated into three sections- western, eastern and southern. Beautiful sculptors and murals of magnificent architectural structures portray the life, culture and glory of the Chandelas.

Morning pick up from the hotel you are staying and proceed for sightseeing of Khajuraho with English speaking guide.

Western Group khajuraho

Kandariya Mahadeo
One of the biggest temples in western group, Kandariya Mahadeo is an old spiritual destination in Khajuraho with the height of 31 m high. Devoted to Lord Shiva, the guardian of lives, it is brilliantly adorned with carvings, sculptors and paintings of god and goddess, this stunning temple has a worth a visit.

Chaunsat Yogini
Home to Goddess Kali, the protector of poor people, Chaunsat Yogini temple is also an important holy place of western group. Constructed in 900 A.D, it is embellished with affectionate granite marbles.

Kali temple:
Also known as Devi Jagdambe temple, it is visited by millions of devotees who believe in goddess Kali Mata.

Chitragupta Temple
This temple is certainly worth-visiting where sun god is worshipped. Facing to the east, this temple offers you to see orange view of sun rising at early in the morning.

Vishwanath Temple
While visiting to Khajuraho, Vishwanath Temple deserves a visit because it sports a three-headed image of Lord Brahma that is only found in this place. At its north entrance, there are loins enshrining for protection and elephant edge on the southern side.

Lakshamana Temple
This temple is one of the exclusive holy destinations known for housing a trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva with Goddess Lakshmi. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, it possesses a shrine, featuring a three-headed idol of Vishnu, Narasimha and Varaha.

Matangeshwara Temple
Bestowed to Lord Shiv, this temple is visited by millions of Shiv devotees in a year. It is a common believe that one who came here for blessings, they never go back with unfilled hands. That is what makes it a world renowned place in Khajuraho.

Eastern Group

Parsavanatha Temple
Amongst the most significant religious Jain temples, it boasts of Parsavanath image which was launched in 1860. Just because of this reason, it is so popular worldwide.

Ghantai Temple
Another marvelous Jain temple in Khajuraho is Ghantai Temple embellished with a fresco, depicting 16 mirages of mother of Mahavira’s. It is therefore visited by thousands of followers in all over the year. Tour to khajuraho

Adinatha Temple
Adinatha Temple is a last Jain temple in Khajuraho where Jain saint is worshipped. It has statuettes of yakshis, representing history of past. It is indeed a perfect place for those who want to do meditation amidst peaceful ambiance.

Along with Jain temples, Eastern group is famed for three Hindu temples. The Brahma temple is a preeminent Hindu temple noted for housing four-faced lingam. The Vamana temple is another magnificent Hindu temple, encompassing images of beautiful apsaras. The Javari temple is widely famous for lavish statues and paintings.

Southern Group- One of the biggest temples of southern group, Lord Shiv is a main deity of this temple. Comprising extravagant pictures of the apsaras, it is really pleasure to explore.

Chaturbhuj Temple
It is a place where Lord Vishnu is existed. However, every year, thousands of followers come to take loads of blessings from Lord Vishnu. Truly, it is so prominent amongst all other temples of Khajuraho.

Later drop at hotel (booked at your own).

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